About the payment

  • Q: How much money can a driver get paid doing this?
  • A: It depends on many things. Between $50 and $400 per month for a fully equipped car, that is, a full car-wrap or about 1000 square inches of advertising on it.

  • Q: How long until the drivers starts earning money?
  • A: It is recommended for a driver to apply with all of the companies that are doing business in the area where he/she resides. This way the chances of being hired soon will multiply. If someone's driving patterns are a good fit for an advertiser, a company might contact the driver right away or he/she may have to wait some time before a match occurs. New drivers usually start getting paid a month after they are hired.

  • Q: Can a driver get paid a lot more by having more ads on the vehicle?
  • A: This is kind of against the main point of really promoting the advertisers. Cars that are cluttered with too much advertising might project the wrong image. And advertiser's signs would be harder to "find" on the car. That is why there is a limit of the total amount of ads a company will put on a car.

  • Q: What affects how much a drivers gets paid?
  • A: Lots of things: The millage, the driving record, the contract period, even whether the driver responds quickly to e-mails. The better service a driver provides, the more he/she gets paid.