About the application

  • Q: What does the application look like?
  • A: An application asks for details on the vehicle, driving habits, driving record, hobbies & interests. Filling out the application only takes a few minutes. Once the application is submitted, it will be added to the companies' database and the driver will be available to be matched with a sponsor.

  • Q: What If the driver already owns a car, is he/she still be eligible for a free car?
  • A: Yes, however, the free car must be used as a primary vehicle. The driver may want to consider utilizing his/her own car as a mobile advertisement and get paid up to $400 per month to do so.

  • Q: After the application process how do they pick a driver?
  • A: The company will match up the needs of their advertisers, especially the zones in which they want their signs to be driven, with where the drivers drive their cars. If an advertiser wants their signs displayed in certain area a driver from this area will be picked for that assignment. The application makes a driver eligible to be selected by the advertisers.

  • Q: What happens after the driver is selected?
  • A: The company will contact the driver and notify him/her that he/she has been selected. The driver then will be told who the advertiser is, the product or service and compensation (for an ad placed on your vehicle), the type of wrap, and duration of the campaign. At that point the driver has the full right of refusal. If he/she decides to accept the campaign the company that picked the driver will ask him/her to come to their office to sign a contract. They might send the contract ahead of time to look over in advance. At their office, they will attach a copy of the application, make a copy of the insurance card, and ask the driver to make sure all information is up to date. The drivers must keep in mind that most car wrapping campaigns take several months just to be organized. This is due to the time the advertisers take to select applicants from the database and design requirements for the specific vehicles.